Game Recaps How To

A Scouting Report and/or Game Recap will grant you additional free agency money.

Game Recaps How To

Postby LegacyofDestiny » July 16th, 2010, 2:32 pm

This is the place where you will write a nice little write-up from user vs user games. Just a brief description about the game and what happened. In these categories:

Week Played:

Teams and Final Score:

Scouting Report: User Offense:

Scouting Report: User Defense:

Scouting Report: Special Teams:

Game Recap:
(Give us a Quick Summary of the Game)

Player of the Game:

Incredible Plays: (Suggested, but Optional)
(What are you walking away saying... Wow!)

Memorable Rating:
(Out of 5 Stars, Where Would This Game Rank in Television Ratings)

We would like for this to be done after every user vs user game.

ONE MORE THING: ONLY KEEP REPORTS IN THE REPORTS SECTION NO OTHER POSTS! I hope all can take criticism from your peers. We don't want any negative talks in the reports sections
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