Trade Posting Format

Post here in order to finalize a trade between two teams.

Trade Posting Format

Postby LegacyofDestiny » July 16th, 2010, 1:43 pm

Please post all trades in the following format to make them easier to track / read.

Thread Title: Texans / Panthers trade

For the title, please make sure you post the team mascot and not the city. Also make sure and put "trade" in there, because once these trades get moved to the Archives forum, it makes it easier to find them.

Texans receive:

LE Antonio Smith (86) 28
MLB DJ Williams (84) 28

Panthers receive:

1st Round Pick (Colts)
4th Round Pick (Texans)
LOLB Clint Ingram (78) 27
MLB Gerald Hayes (78) 29

PLEASE post "receive" and not "trade". Trade does not signify anything. Trade can mean give and receive, so you might as well not put anything if you are going to put trade. It is also vital that you remember to post the originating team for every draft pick. Any trade where you do not specify the originating team on the pick will go unprocessed until you fix it. Always post positions and FULL names of players. Also please post the OVR ratings and the ages.

ADDED 10/06 -- DO NOT EDIT YOUR DEALS. Once a trade is agreed upon, that is the trade. If it is in review and gets vetoed, you can post a NEW deal in a NEW thread after that point. If it doesn't get vetoed and you want to make a side trade to enhance the deal because you feel like you ripped the person off the first time around, you can do it that way instead.
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