Waivers Rule, Priority List, and AWARDS

A system for picking up and dropping players.

Waivers Rule, Priority List, and AWARDS

Postby headstrong » September 12th, 2011, 5:27 pm


Before signing anyone, you must post in this forum.

The following rules apply to players cut or already in free agency.

Once the player is in free agency, you may make a post claiming said player. However, that player will go through a 24 hour waiting period after the initial claim, in which other teams can make claims. The team with the highest priority position will get the player and then be moved to the bottom of the list.

You will have 48 hours from the time the player is awarded to sign your player to your roster or notify the admin team as to why you will not be able to. Any player not signed after 48 hours may have waivers placed on them, if this happens the original award is void but that team still loses its waiver priority. This is to prevent instances of "ghost" players sitting in free agency that have been awarded and never claimed by a team.

Any team can nominate any available player. Once a player has been nominated by any team that player is added to the waiver wire list and a 24 hour count down clock begins. Any other team may bid on any player already nominated within that 24 hour window. Once the 24 hour window on that player expires, from his initial nomination, the player with the highest current priority on the waiver priority list will be awarded that player and move to the bottom of the list.

Players you nominate for the waiver wire will be posted in the order you nominate them with the exception being players that have already been nominated. Any player already nominated will have a claim placed at their existing nomination place. Note, this may cause players on your list to be awarded out of order, in the case a player was previously nominated.

Current Waiver Priority

1 - Steelers
2 - Raiders
3 - Colts
4 - Ravens
5 - Titans
6 - Falcons
7 - Chiefs
8 - Jets
9 - Chargers
10 - Buccaneers
11 - Bears
12 - 49ers
13 - Bengals
14 - Patriots
15 - Cardinals
16 - Eagles
17 - Giants
18 - Packers
19 - Seahawks
20 - Redskins
21 - Bills
22 - Lions
23 - Broncos
24 - Texans
25 - Cowboys
26 - Saints
27 - Rams
28 - Panthers
29 - Browns
30 - Jaguars
31 - Vikings
32 - Dolphins

Players Currently on waiver
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