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Upset of the year

Postby Quitsquirrel » September 29th, 2018, 10:46 pm

49ers vs Vikings week 1
There might not be a bigger better rivalry such as Jeff vs headstrong. There has been some classic battles between the two and even a hash tag made up from one. Headstrong would be the favorite to win these head to head matchups but after the last two games the pendulum swings towards Jeff. Jeff carved up heads run defense and controlled the clock making it hard for head to get any momentum going. I speak for all of nojo when I say I cannot wait for the next match up

Browns vs Steelers week 8
With Rj on life support going into mid season he had the visiting browns who at the time led the division. With no run game and big Ben doing big Ben things rj had to rely on his defense to make plays. Rookie lb Evans had a big game and was ultimately the difference maker in a close game making two forced fumbles and a int. The 2-4 Steelers walked away with a win again division leader.

Titans vs Colts week 11
In what seemed like a routine game for the colts that would end up being their tenth win, ended up being a trap game that would kick off a 5 game losing streak. The visiting Titans came to town sitting at a unexpected 2-7 record and attempted to get their failing season under control. Picking apart newly acquired Lamar Jackson 6 times sealed yums fate that day.

Vikings vs Patriots week 13
With the Vikings playoff hopes on the line the Vikings were looking for some momentum going into week 13. Looking good going into the fourth the Vikings looked to be moving on from new England with a Dub, but the referees had other plans. With What seemed like a go ahead td for the win by Will Fuller with 2 mins to go. The Patriots got the ball back and drove to mid field running out of time and no time outs left, Nick foles dropped back for the hail Mary to his go to receiver that day Evan Engram, and as the day played out he happen to throw his fifth pick of the day to Luke Kuechly, or so we thought. Turns out flag on the play for defensive pass interference, by none other than Kuechly. Pats got another shot from the two and scored to take it into overtime and secured the win.
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