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Surprise record of the year

Postby Quitsquirrel » September 30th, 2018, 4:53 pm

M4 Cardinals 12-4
M4 is usually a solid gm, but usually doesn't end up being a power House team like he was this first season of Madden 19. With records that usually don't end up getting him a playoff spot, it was a surprise to see him coast to a playoff bye this year. Look for him to continue his success.

Quitsquirrel Falcons 11-5
Not much to say here, I'm usually just good enough for a top 10-15 pick. Making my 2nd conference championship since Madden 25, it's safe to say no one expected that.

Noexult Raiders 5-11
A big surprise here. Exult is usually winning division or getting Wc spots. Not sure if it's the game he's not used to yet or just doesn't have his head in the game this year. I would be very surprised if he repeats a similar season in year 2.

Mgreensb42 Bengals 13-3
Being a new player for Nojosports it was much as a surprise to anyone that he could step right in and demand respect. Going straight to the Superbowl his first year in a tough AFC is a huge surprise. Hell have a Target on his back season 2.
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